Netsuite for PE/VC Services

Netsuite for PE/VC Services

Driving Top Line Growth to Meet Investor Demands

“NetSuite is made for early stage companies. Instead of working on spreadsheets and other entry-level products, early stage companies are jumping straight to a scalable solution like NetSuite because we have enabled a quicker, faster, more efficient and more economical platform for them to build on.”_Rahul Puri, Global Private Equity and Venture Capital Practice Leader, Oracle NetSuite

What is Private Equity (PE)?

  • Investment partnerships that acquire and run businesses before selling them are known as private equity 
  • These investment funds are managed by private equity firms on behalf of accredited and institutional investors
  • Private equity firms may invest in such buyouts as a consortium or may fully acquire private or public enterprises 
  • As an alternative investment, private equity is frequently grouped with venture capital and hedge funds.

What is Venture Capital (VC)?

  • Venture capital (VC) is a kind of private equity and financing offered by investors to startups and small businesses with the trust that they have long-term growth potential 
  • Most of the venture capital is provided by wealthy individuals, investment banks, and other financial organizations
  • But, it is not every time to be in the form of money; it can also be offered in the form of technical or managerial expertise
  • Venture capital funding is popular and occasionally necessary to raise funds for younger businesses or those with an operating period of two years or less.

Why Private Equity Firms Are Switching to the Cloud

NetSuite’s Private Equity Services Practice gives businesses the ability to eliminate complete risk while delivering on time and within budget thanks to an integrated approach that starts with unmatched relationship management. Our cloud-based platform brings together Financial Accounting/ERP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Professional Services Automation (PSA), and Commerce into a single, strong solution that is perfect for driving value development. Traditional barriers are eliminated with the help of NetSuite which allows organizations to view everything, find anything, and go anywhere else. 

Some of the biggest private equity firms in the world partner with NetSuite. The NetSuite Private Equity Practice gives buyers a seamless experience to support this critical, high-value space. From the beginning, your company will work closely with NetSuite executives to ensure a streamlined sales process and get favorable service, commercial, and payment terms.

What does NetSuite offer to Private Equity firms?

Whether you have an internal accounting department or outsource some of your accounting, NetSuite offers private equity firms with –

  • Robust global financial functionality 
  • A highly scalable system 
  • A powerful development platform 
  • Built-in business intelligence 
  • Simplified maintenance

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NetSuite Private Equity Practice at Dhruvsoft

Private equity firms and the company in which they invest have their distinctive investment theories, growth and M&A add-on acquisition structures. Risk reduction is important. The risks and difficulties faced by private equity firms are recognized by NetSuite's Private Equity Practice. 

By improving strategic due diligence, providing carve-out and add-on acquisition support, and giving escalations priority as your NetSuite investments grow, the team empowers businesses to drive technological value development.

The benefits of NetSuite

NetSuite form long-lasting relationships with private equity firms and their portfolio companies. NetSuite is focused on adding value, whether it be through early phase augmentation of existing diligence efforts, end-to-end carve-out/spin-off services, or handling incremental EBITDA post transaction.

  • 50% reduction in the order-to-cash cycle 
  • 20-50% faster financial closing 
  • IT costs are reduced by 50%
  • Audit preparation is cut down by 50%
  • Invoicing costs are lowered by 25 to 75%
  • 10 to 20% less days of sales outstanding

Final call

For more information on how NetSuite works for Private Equity firms, or how to optimize your business with NetSuite, do connect with our NetSuite Consultants now.