QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration

Drivers to Migrate from QuickBooks to NetSuite

QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration Service offering is for the companies who have outgrown the QuickBooks and are looking for a reliable, scalable solution that can transition them from a small business to an enterprise.

QuickBooks might have served the company well for several years. However as the companies grow they feel the need for a better system due to a number of factors. Some of the important drivers for this change are:

  • Multiple disconnected systems to operate the business.
  • Need for functionality spanning beyond the accounting function that require a need for comprehensive system
  • Company growing with multiple branches, subsidiaries, and operations across multiple countries in multiple currencies. This is especially true for companies that are expanding internationally.
  • Need for a system that can support local taxation and compliances in multiple countries.
  • Needs for checks and balances with proper approvals and limits. This is especially required as the organization grows.
  • Quickbooks sometime stops supporting customers in non viable countries forcing customers to migrate out

Why Migrate to NetSuite from QuickBooks?

Why is NetSuite the most recommended solution for outgrowing QuickBooks users?
Here are some of the key reasons why:

Proven Solution: About 40% of NetSuite Customers are those who have migrated from QuickBooks to NetSuite. This makes NetSuite one of the most Migrated solution from QuickBooks.

Scalable Solution: Whether you have a five user team or a five thousand user enterprise – NetSuite is highly scalable and will be the last ERP system your company will ever need.

Highly Customizable: unlike QuickBooks NetSuite is highly customizable. It has builtin customization tools that meet any need of customization in an enterprise ERP. Reporting tools, custom scripting, and API integrations ensure that NetSuite gives the edge that you were looking for.

Depth of Functional Offering:  NetSuite offers one of most robust functionality for several industries and functional departments.

Cloud First: Unlike QuickBooks which was a desktop system – NetSuite was born in the cloud and is one of the leading Cloud based ERP in the world.

Inbuilt Business Intelligence: With over 300 out of box reports and dashboards and flexibility to create custom reports make NetSuite the best cloud ERP for your business

QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration Services

Dhruvsoft offers end to end QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration Services. Our Migration services include: QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration Business Case / Evaluation / Plan, Our team of Functional and Technical Consultants work with your team to identify the core business drivers, evaluate the system and prepare a business case for migration. Our team will also propose a high level plan for migration based on study of current system.

QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration: The actual QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration Migration is a multi-step process that will include:

Evaluate the current system
  • Organization Structure
  • Current process flows
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Accounting Practices
  • Data
  • Compliance
Prepare a unique Migration project Plan
  • Project Plan
  • Timelines
  • Risks
NetSuite Deployment
  • Deployment & Go Live
  • Training & Change management
  • Monitoring & Adoption
NetSuite Implementation

With the use if our comprehensive NetSuite Implementation methodology we execute the migration

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Process Mapping & Gap Analysis
  • Functional Specification & Solution Design
  • NetSuite Configuration, Customization & Scripting
  • Data Migration – Which will include Data Extraction and Upload
  • Testing & Verification

Why choose Dhruvsoft for QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration?

Here are some of the reasons you can trust us for your Quickbooks to NetSuite Migration – 

  • Expert NetSuite Certified Consultants
  • Price-competitive services as we have low overheads and we work based on offshore delivery model
  • Flexible approach that works well with our clients

Quickbooks to NetSuite Migration – Free Evaluation

Connect with us for a Free Evaluation of QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration Services for your company. Schedule a free / no-obligation consultation with NSSuccess (NetSuite practice of Dhruvsoft)